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Moshi Monsters Secret Codes

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted by moshimoshi in Cheats - (120 Comments)

There are lots of secret codes in Moshi Monsters that can get you some really cool stuff.

To use a secret code, go to the Moshi Monsters sign in page at the official site. You will see a box there that is just for your secret code. You can use a different code each time you sign in.

The exclusive item can be found in your room. Check your inventory after you sign in.

We will list a bunch of the Moshi Monsters secret codes below. (more…)

How to Become a Super Moshi

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (2 Comments)

The online game Moshi Monsters, has both a free version and a paid membership version. The free version is fine for beginners, but as you play more and gain more experience, you may eventually want to upgrade to a paid membership.

Once you have a membership, you will become a Super Moshi.

Younger members will need a parent or guardian with a Paypal or credit card.

How to get Paid Membership (Super Moshi)

When you are level 2 in the game, you will have a gift waiting in your room. Open it and follow the instructions to meet a Super Moshi guide called Elder Furi. He will provide the steps needed to become super.

The alternative method is much quicker. Simply click on “Membership” when in your room. The link is near the top. Or just visit the official site here to join.

What are the benefits of being a Super Moshi?

There are lots of different things you can do and have when you get a membership, such as:

  • Super Moshi Monsters quests in Monstro City
  • Super Moshi Costumes
  • Unlock special rare moshlings like Tiamo and Lady GooGoo

Super Moshi quests

Once you are a Super Moshi, you can help protect the inhabitants of Monstro City by completing various special quests. (more…)

Have you noticed a funky smell coming from your Moshling Zoo? Ew, stinky. Your moshlings have been playing in mud again, haven’t they? Naughty things!

Time to give them a nice bath and scrubbing with Scrub-A-Dub-Dub so they are sparkly and clean, and ready for playtime.

When you see a ! symbol on the Moshing Zoo door, then your moshling needs to be cleaned.

By checking the icon, you can tell which of your moshlings are dirty. See the blue arrow that is pointing to the dirty icon.

Now go ahead and give them a shower and a good scrubbing.

I wonder how they get so dirty in the first place. What have they been up to?

Moshlings And Their Combinations

November 5th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Moshlings - (29 Comments)

Moshlings are collectable little creatures that can be caught by your Moshi Monsters. Once you have them, they will float or wander around your monster room, looking very cute and cool.

To get Moshlings, you must attract them by planting seeds which you buy from the cart next to Bab’s Boutique or the Gross-ery in Main Street. The seeds must then be planted in your Moshling Garden.

There are many different types of Moshlings, and each one has their own special talent. Some will dance or even sing a little song. Once you get more Moshlings, you will need to keep them in the Moshling Zoo. (more…)

Easy Secrets To Level Up Fast

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Cheats - (39 Comments)

Here are some cool secrets that should help you to level-up your monster quickly and easily.

A happy monster is how you can level up. But here are some secrets to make it faster.

1. Puzzles. Play the Daily Challenge every day to get more Rox.You can earn up to 100 Rox! This will give you either a full bar, or half a bar, and help you level up.

2. Shopping. Buy new things and food for your monster. Just make sure not to overspend, and keep an eye on how many Rox you have left.

3. Happiness. Most importantly, to level up, you must keep your monster happy, and healthy. As long as your Moshi Monster is happy, you will get more on your level bar when performing any activities.


When you go home and see confetti falling, that means you have leveled up. Exciting, isn’t it?

Buying Furniture In Moshi Monsters

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (0 Comments)

Furniture can be bought from either Main Street or Sludge Street.

You can buy things like wallpaper, decor, chairs etc from stores like Yukea, DIY Shop and Bizarre Bazaar.

Yukea (which is like the real-life shop, Ikea) does not usually stock the newest items. The furniture there is somewhat plain. It is owned by Moe Yukky.

Fancier items can be found in the DIY Shop on Sludge Street. The DIY Shop sells different wallpapers (like sky wallpaper), windows, doors and floors with interesting designs. It is owned by a red monster called Dewy, who prefers to be unclean.

The Bizarre Bazaar, located on Main Street, sells weird and strange furniture. Such things like, a shark in a bowl, parts of a Dinosaur, or cuddly creatures.

Better furniture should become available as you level up.

How To Buy Clothes For Your Monster

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (4 Comments)

Every monster wants to look their best. What better way than with some fancy-smancy clothes! To find the clothes shop, go to Sludge Street, which is behind Main Street. Look for a building with a sign saying Marketplace. Click on the building to get clothes.

There are different clothes for each type of monster, as some monsters are different shapes than others.

Clothes for Katsuma and Poppet will fit each other.

Clothes for Luvli and Diavlo also fit each other.

Once you have purchased the clothes that you want, go back to the map and look for the house with washing hanging out, called the Dress Up Room. Inside you can drag the clothes to your monster to dress them.

How To Feed Your Moshi Monster

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (0 Comments)

When your monster gets hungry, it will be unhappy. If you want to make your monster happy, feeding it is a great idea.

Unhappy and hungry monsters will sulk and throw tantrums, and be displeased with you. Everybody needs to eat, even you and me. Monsters do too!

The Gross-ery Store

You can buy food for your monster at the Gross-ery store on Main Street. It’s pronounced just like Grocery Store, but because it’s for monsters, it’s Gross.

Food can be purchased for as little as 3 Rox. If you don’t have enough, just get more Rox.

Once you have bought the food, go back to your home, click on your treasure chest and drag the food to your monster’s mouth. It will eat it. Yum yum.

It takes quite a lot of food to make your monster full, so make sure you get enough. If you buy too much, it’s okay, you can feed the leftovers to it at a later date.

How To Make Your Monster Happy

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (6 Comments)

Keeping your monster happy is very important. One of the ways to make your Moshi Monster happy is to feed it food, particularly it’s favorite food. You can discover what it likes to eat best by checking the profile section.

The best way to make your monster happy is to tickle them.

It is very cute and it makes them laugh. But don’t over-do it. Nobody likes to be tickled too much!

How To Get Rox

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (17 Comments)

Rox is considered the money in Moshi Monsters. You will need plenty of rox to buy things for your monster.

You can use rox to get food, furniture, clothing, and other stuff. Free members don’t have as many places to buy things as paid members do.

To earn rox, you can play puzzle games.

To go to the Puzzle Palace, just click on “Puzzles” on your home page.

You can then choose to play the Daily Challenge, or Hall of Puzzles. The games are educational, but quite fun.

The Daily Challenge can only be played once a day, and the rox you earn will depend on your score.

The Hall of Puzzles will earn you 5 rox for playing each game.

The puzzles are mostly picture quizzes with four options.

More Ways To Get Rox

Other games you can play to earn rox can be found on Ooh La Lane and Main Street. You can find two games on Main Street, and one on Ooh La Lane.

On Main Street, you can play:

  • Flutterby Field – Catch as many of the butterflies as you can
  • Engen – Match the colored blocks to make them disappear

And on Ooh La Lane, you can play:

  • Ice Scream – Serve ice cream to your customers


Start earning those rox!

Different Types Of Moshi Monsters

June 16th, 2011 | Posted by moshimoshi in Tips - (18 Comments)

There are six different types of monsters that you can adopt in Moshi Monsters.

They are listed below, ranked by popularity.

1. Katsuma

Katsumas are rabbit-like creatures with personalities similar to that of a cat. They are probably the most commonly adopted creatures playable on the game. They speak Katsumanese with a “squishy” voice which varies in pitch depending on their mood. Like all monsters, Katsumas love leveling up.

Katsumas are adopted by both male and female players.

Common Features

Katsumas are very friendly creatures. They enjoy having their room decorated. Over all, Katsumas are very soft and gentle monsters. However, they are quite rough if they are annoyed or abandoned. When warning users that they’re getting angry, they “scratch at the screen”.

If you annoy one too much, they wrap their ears around their eyes and jump around the place in a temper tantrum mode. Katsumas are very wise and thoughtful monsters. They always think before rushing off to places and they are fairly extroverted. They love Asian martial arts and when they level up, Eurodance music plays. When Katsumas sleep, they lie on the floor like a cat and cling onto one ear.Sometimes if you’re lucky, when your Katsuma is bored you’ll see it take out it’s paw and you’ll see that it has claws. But, you can only see the claws for a few seconds.

2. Poppet

A Poppet is a type of monster found on the Moshi Monsters website. One of the most common choices amongst users, Poppets are mostly popular with girls due to their adorable look and personality. Although, some sensitive boys also choose Poppets. Their language is called Poppetanium. Like Luvlis, Poppets are almost exclusively females due to their timid personalities and cute appearances.

Common Features

Poppets are chinchilla-like monsters who have mid-length ears, a curled up tail and a pair of rubber boots. All Poppets are sweet and friendly, but are bashful and shy too. They are known for dancing but prefer to do it in private. Their timid, quiet way is a big difference from the other monsters, which are more confident than the Poppet. Poppets are rather emotional. Being shy is one of their many overall traits.

Poppets are very loyal and playful. They are very bashful. Despite being sweet-natured, timid monsters, Poppets are in no way pushovers. They can get firm if you abandon or annoy them and when they’re in temper-tantrum mode, they scream very loudly. When a Poppet levels up, funky music plays. They put their paws on their belly when hungry or sick. Poppets can be very emotional. They cry if you get answers incorrect on the Daily Challenge.Poppets are mostly Chosen by Girls Because Poppets are Girls. Poppets like to sing pop.

3. Diavlo

Diavlos are one of the monsters adoptable on Moshi Monsters. Diavlos are mostly adopted by boys due to their devilish personalities. However, like Poppets, their appearances are cute, making them popular with girls as well. Their Diavlian accents are generally high and croaky.

Common Features

Diavlos are demon-like monsters. They have bat wings which able them to fly, and short legs. They have a set of horns and a tail with a spike at the end. On their head is a crater-like hole. They also wear a pair of masculine sneakers without fastening. Diavlos are mischievous, lively, extroverted monsters who are very friendly. When treated well, Diavlos are carefree, jolly monsters.

When treated badly, they get very brash, sly and angry. When Diavlos get angry, they land on the ground, puff up their cheeks and roar with a vibration effect. While they roar, lava shoots out of the crater-like hole on their heads like a volcano. Like Furis, they are known for being ticklish. When a Diavlo levels up, disco music plays. When Diavlos get upset or tired, it is noticeable that the lava in their head goes dark. Diavlos are the strongest of the monsters in terms of health, so it is okay to leave one for a couple of days.

4. Luvli

Luvlis are one of the six playable species of monsters on Moshi Monsters. All Luvlis speak Luvling. Luvlis also look like cherries and like Poppets, are almost exclusively females due to their feminime appearances and voices. Girls are most likely to pick a Luvli. Luvlis are the fourth most popular monster in the game.

Common Features

As girly girls, Luvlis look and act like diva queens. They are also interested in fashion and looking beautiful. They have cherry like bodies, small shoes and angelic wings which enable them to fly. Luvlis can be very fussy and snobby if treated badly. Luvlis can also be very bossy, so you have to let them take charge every now and then. They all have a magical star-tipped stem which isn’t used as a wand, but used to “slap the screen” if annoyed.

When in temper-tantrum, they snarl and “charge up to the screen” like an angry bull. Luvlis need to have lots of attention otherwise they go stroppy. When a Luvli levels up, bossa nova music plays. Luvlis enjoy shopping with their owners more than any other monster. They like to have expensive, glamorous items in their room.


  • They are one of the two monsters in Moshi Monsters who have the ability to fly. The other one is Diavlo.
  • Luvlis are the only species of monster who don’t wear a utility belt when in Super Moshi uniform. Instead, they carry a blue handbag. This is because Luvlis like to look feminime.
  • Luvlis are the only species of monster who do not dance with their feet on the ground. Instead, they dance while they’re still in the air. This is probably because they fear that they’ll dirty their shoes.

5. Furi

Furis are friendly and like a cuddle. They always look a bit depressed, but that’s just natural! They are lively and fun creatures, perfect for both girls and boys. When a Furi is angry, it’s best to leave it alone to let off some steam. But, we all get like that sometimes!

Furis are very popular in Moshi Monsters, as they are easy to colour and fun and amusing to play with!


Furis can be quite lovely to care for, and always have smiles on their faces when they are wandering in the streets in all sorts of colours!

You’d never want a moody Furi in your house, as it will want to spend your rox. Furis can give trouble if they get bored with anything from the food they eat, to the style of the house. They growl and moan at you until you change.

What Are Furis?

Furis are colourful and hairy monsters, with big cupped hands to pick heavy items up and to shake hands with friends when they meet them. When they eat their favourite foods, they go ‘nom nom’. Furis like showing off their styles with different clothes, but although sometimes you may think Furis are for boys, girls adopt them aswell.

Awesome Facts

  • They are very messy eaters.
  • They always look depressed, but really they’re nearly always happy!
  • Furis are the easiest monster to dress up, because they fit all clothes easily.
  • Furis have more fur than body.
  • Furis need change often to keep them occupied. 

6. Zommer

Zommers are one of the six types of monster you can choose to adopt. They are fluent in speaking Zommeranian and they are the least commonly adopted monster, probably because of their ghoulish appearances. When Zommers are adopted, they are mostly chosen by boys. Zommers are almost exclusively males.

Common Features

Zommers are zombie-like creatures. They have spiky hair, stitched up limbs and missing left eyes. Despite their appearances, Zommers are very warm-hearted, friendly monsters. It is important to feed a Zommer everyday in order for it to stay healthy, as they are the weakest monsters in terms of health. If abandoned or annoyed, Zommers can be disobedient and crabby. When they’re in temper-tantrum mode, they pull their hair. When Zommers are happy, they usually “rock out” and play on an air guitar. When a Zommer levels up, rock music plays. Zommers are probably left-handed because they only wave and give the horns with the left hand.


The most popular monster is the Katsuma. Followed by Poppet, then Diavlo, Luvli, Furi and finally Zommer.